Privacy and Securing Sensitive Data in a Shared Enterprise Database

Utilizing Field Level Security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

When a business contact changes their address, how many places do you have to go to update that information? Is it multiple databases and Excel files?

Many organizations continue to organize, consolidate, and leverage their data.  Moving data into one central database is critical for business analytics, reporting, and sharing common contact and business information.  If a business contact changes their address, you update it one time on one central record for all users to share.  That is a huge advantage.

Now that all that data is in one place, how can an organization effectively share information without exposing sensitive and private data to every user?  It would seem that organizations still rely heavily on those extra Excel files to house sensitive data and hence the one central database becomes less effective.

Organizations can now utilize the advanced field level security features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  You can easy extend Microsoft CRM and add fields to house this sensitive data.  You can assign unique permissions to each field.

For example, if an organization does a good deal of fundraising and donor development, and the organization wants to hide sensitive major donor information from all the staff except the major donor team, they can enable field level security in CRM to those specific fields that house the sensitive data.  All the staff would be able to see the major donor record but with only the common information that needs to be shared.  The sensitive data on the record is only available to the major donor team.  The organization’s staff may need to share common information. The donor might receive the foundation’s email newsletter and may attend the annual fundraising event but again only the major donor team needs to see the annual income and latest giving information.

Organizations can now share common business information while securing sensitive data all on one central record.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, those last remaining Excel files that house sensitive data can now be moved into the central database where you can leverage one of your greatest business assets, your data.

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