Is that an AMS in your pocket?

Associations can utilize smaller devices to bring their AMS (Association Management Software) to where their members are.

  • Imagine having your entire association database on your smartphone or tablet as you walk around the Expo floor of your Annual Meeting.
  • Imagine being able to answer member questions on the spot.
  • Imagine all the people, living for today (note:  I don’t think John Lennon used an AMS).

Mobile computing is not necessarily new; it is just that the usability on these smaller devices have matured to the point where a larger portion of association staff might want their AMS on the go.

If your organization wants to have their AMS on the go, here are some thoughts worth considering.

3 Considerations for a Mobile AMS

  • Usability – Having an easy to use mobile AMS means more of the association staff will use it, gain value from it, like it, and leverage it for better member service.  The user experience for a mobile AMS has greatly improved for two main reasons.  First, the mobile devices themselves have improved such as tablets and smartphones.  The second reason is the availability of mobile apps compared with mobile websites.   Mobile apps often provide the richer, more personal user experience (UX).  There are even mobile apps that allow you to customize your own interface for your staff – how about that for enhanced and secure usability.
  • Offline Capability – You may not always have access to the internet.  Whether on an airplane or in the underground portion of a hotel where the Expo is going on, the internet can sometimes be unreliable or simply unavailable.  You might consider having a mobile AMS that has secure offline capabilities to view, edit, and add information when the internet is not available.  There should also be an easy and reliable synchronization for when you do reach civilization again and find an internet connection.
  • Supports Many Devices – Most mobile devices (especially smartphones) are used for both work and personal use.  It is more difficult from an organization point of view for an IT department to consolidate to a single mobile platform.  Your mobile AMS should then be able to support many mobile operating systems and devices.  It is also helpful to have the mobile app available via your device’s store.  Lastly, the mobile app should take advantage of the specific device and display size such as having an app specific to a smartphone and then a different app for a tablet that has a larger display.

Taking your AMS with you just got a lot easier and more practical for a larger portion of association users.

Screenshots – Home Screen Top, Home Screen Bottom, Transactions View (with filter), and Tablet screenshot.


If you would like to learn more or see a demo, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or feel free to follow me on Twitter at @WillSlade.

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