Is Windows 8 Metro Your New CRM Dashboard?

Grouping your KPI’s on Tiles is a Touch Away

Using the new Windows 8 Start Screen as your new dashboard allows you to combine your “tiles” in the order you want.  Tiles can represent apps (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM), websites, analytics and KPI‘s, pinned contacts, your Outlook, calendar, tasks, weather, games, photos, and a whole lot more.  You can even tile just the parts of CRM you want.  The Windows 8 Start Screen can be your personal and business dashboard rolled into one.

Windows 8 Metro Start Screen - Example

This idea for this blog post came to me while I was at this week’s Microsoft Convergence 2012 in Houston.Microsoft Convergence 2012  Microsoft Convergence is a conference all about the Microsoft Dynamics business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) and Microsoft Dynamics ERP (enterprise resource planning).   This year we saw just as much of the new Windows 8 on a tablet as we did all the others Dynamics applications – which was a good thing – because the new Windows 8 Metro interface is a vital part of a user’s experience.

KinectMicrosoft showcased other technologies at this conference in live demos using a combination of tablets, phones, Facebook, Internet Explorer 10, and even Kinect.  Yes, live demos using Kinect integrated with business applications and showing it to 10,000 attendees during the opening keynote.  I wondered if I was witnessing the dawn of “xBox for Business”.

I have been to a variety of Microsoft conferences over the years, and this conference, this year, seemed different – better. It seemed more innovative.  Microsoft had definitely stepped up its game.

To better understand what I am saying, take a look at the video on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo atWindows 8 Consumer Preview Demo The video shows Windows 8 on a tablet using touch. It also shows Windows 8 on a laptop using a mouse and walks through new navigation, app charms, and the clean purpose driven user interface (UI).

All of this relates very well to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  CRM is a .net web-based application so the CRM parts you want are web pages (secure web pages that is).  You can make your hot CRM opportunities a tile. Windows 8 Start Screen with Dynamics CRMYou can make certain CRM lists a tile or important analytics a tile. Your key contacts can be pinned and when accessed, you can combine information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.  The tiles can be moved around and share space next to your email, your photos, your calendar, your life.


Note:  Windows 8 is scheduled for Q4 2012 release.

Microsoft Future Vision Video—————————————

Note: Also, at the Conference, Microsoft showed this unique and stunning concept video of technology use in the future:


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Update: 3/26/12

Read a related post by CRM industry expert Paul Greenberg.


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  1. rays says:

    great note, will!

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