Windows 8 and the Tablet – Getting Stuff Done

Do you have a tablet?  Do you like it?  I know for me, I can sit on a comfortable sofa, browse the internet, play games, watch video, look at pictures, and basically “consume” information and content. If you or I had to create a large complex document, my guess is that we would not want to attempt such a task on a touch screen consuming tablet.

(Note: I briefly touched on this topic in the post: Having My Documents available on any device rounds out cloud computing but I thought that it was buried too far down the post and deserved its own blog post so here it is.)

Consuming Device vs. Creation Device – If I am doing ‘real work’, I prefer to use a big monitor, keyboard, and mouse as it is still for me the most effective way to work. This allows me to both consume content (viewing, reading, browsing) and create content (create, change, collaborate, invent).  My smartphone still plays a key role for me but is mainly a mobile consuming device for things such as reading emails. I might type a quick email response or text message.  A long detailed email is just easier on a creation device – as that is what that device was engineered to do.

Leverage the Cloud Across Devices – As shared in a previous post, I have access to my own My Documents folder from my tablet or phone or laptop using SkyDrive – same documents on any device.  Just recently I received a call from a client that had a question related to a document we both share on SkyDrive.  I was not in the office but I could pull up that exact document on my phone and go to the section immediately to help answer their question. I have the ability to view these documents on my phone or tablet, but I am unable (with my current consuming devices) to make edits or create anything new – just view the files.  That is changing.

The Change – Viewing (consuming) is nice but PC computing in general is going through some big changes and getting much better.  We are seeing a shift to tablets or hybrid touch tablets/laptops that run Windows 8 and it is this same interface across all the Windows devices. That means you can create and edit the same files across the device of choice.  To further expand on this, here is some related information:

  • Listen to Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates as he shares his thoughts on Windows 8 and the new Surface device in this video.
  • Joshua Greenbaum has a blog post explaining consumption and creation and how it will affect the future of the enterprise.
  • Paul Thurrott has a post explaining Why Windows 8.
  • Windows 8 website.

The Work and Play Device – I am not saying that consuming tablets like an iPad are for play only. Certainly iPads can be used for work in many ways, but not all work in my view.  The true work/play device will be on Windows 8.  The Windows 8 website says, “Use your new tablet or laptop for entertainment, work, or both. Chat with a friend while scoping out a map, or play a game while getting stuff done. Go from spreadsheet to video in one swipe, or snap them side-by-side for easy multitasking”.

Windows 8 Start Screen with Dynamics CRMWindows 8 as a CRM Dashboard – Using the new Windows 8 Start Screen as your new dashboard allows you to combine your “tiles” in the order you want.  Tiles can represent apps (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM), websites, analytics and KPI‘s, pinned contacts, your Outlook, calendar, tasks, weather, games, photos, and a whole lot more.  You can even tile just the parts of CRM you want.

The Start Screen can be your personal and business dashboard rolled into one.  Now that’s getting stuff done.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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