Top 4 Recent Microsoft Videos Worth Viewing

Visually Understand Where Microsoft is Now and Will Be Soon

It would seem that Microsoft has started providing a lot more interesting videos to share.  From their corporate YouTube channel ( to videos specific to my favorite application, Microsoft Dynamics CRM (

So many that you may have missed a few really good ones.  Unfortunately, this list does not include any Harlem Shakes or long basketball trick shots.  This list is just a handful of recent videos from Microsoft that I thought were of interest and worth viewing.

1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile – Since this list has an emphasis toward Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this first video is on mobility and CRM.  The video walks through the power of getting business done across devices.  It highlights examples of working in the field, remotely, wherever you happen to be, and having access to the same information you are used to while “in the office”.

Mobile CRM Video

2.  Microsoft’s Future Vision: Live, Work, Play – This video is interesting to me – and simply fun to watch.  It is on Microsoft’s vision of the near future.  It highlights how technology can enhance the way we live, work, play.

Microsoft Future Video

3. CSX Transportation and Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Question: How does a company founded in 1827 survive in today’s economy?  Answer:  Innovate (and Microsoft CRM helps play a vital role). 

CSX and CRM Video

4. Reignite Your Passion – Unlock Your Potential with Microsoft Dynamics – This video provides an example of the new ways to think about how we view “work”.  It highlights the use of Microsoft Dynamics and the Surface tablet – and no formal desk and no formal tie 😉

Microsoft Reignite Passion Video

There certainly were more videos I could have included.  As a matter of fact, there are many good videos just on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your organization, please contact me.



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