Discussing xRM, Legos, Restaurants on Rothman Tech-Tips

I was recently the Tech-Tip guest on Rothman Tech-Tips (video blog).  The host was Matthew Rothman.  Matt helps educate clients regarding technology.  He “connects the dots” for the everyday person on enterprise-level and emerging technologies.  Today’s topic was xRM and the value of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Tech Tip Guest Video Blog RTT

Matt read my blog post on “Using LEGOs to Help Explain xRM and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform” and thought it would make for a good Tech-Tips segment.


I am sometimes asked to explain xRM.  After all, what is xRM and how is it different than CRM?  I will often use the Legos analogy.  Microsoft provides the rich foundation, the various interconnecting blocks, and the many special pieces to easily extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform and extending CRM to meet new and different business needs is often referred to as xRM.

In addition to the Lego analogy discussed in the video segment, I was able to show a few live demonstration examples of xRM (like the below screenshot).  Plus a quick “how to” on adding a field to a form in CRM.

Association Dashboard in CRM

The video segment also highlighted the importance of strategic planning when it comes to CRM (and xRM) projects and we again turned to the Lego analogy.  As easy as playing with Legos may sound, most companies seek experienced assistance to properly implement and strategically extend CRM.  Otherwise, without a plan for your CRM, you may end up with a bunch of pretty blocks snapped together that few wish to use.

As in all the Rothman Tech Tip segments, it ended with the guest giving a restaurant recommendation in their hometown.

I enjoyed the discussion – it was fun.  I shared a few basic tips on xRM that were hopefully helpful.  Thank you Matt.  Matt can be reached via his blog at www.rothmantechtips.com

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to reach out.

The use of the word “Lego” and “Legos” is a registered trademark of the LEGO® brand.

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