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How can an association use CRM with a self-service portal?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Customer Portal In recent years, organizations (in particular associations) have discovered the power of customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Most associations now want an association management solution (AMS) built on an industry leading CRM platform. … Continue reading

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Leveraging CRM Data for Membership Growth Strategies

Digging into your membership engagement data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to uncover growth opportunities If you are familiar with the association world, then you know that there really is an association for just about anything. That also means that there … Continue reading

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The “Our CRM Stinks” user proclamation and the top 3 ways to avoid a stinky CRM

“Our CRM Stinks” – have you ever heard those words from a CRM user? This post is about stinky CRM – the kind of CRM (customer relationship management) that users find offensive and therefore avoid using and leveraging into their … Continue reading

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Math Gone Social

Many seem to enjoy an occasional online brain teaser and there seems to be an increasing number of these little math challenges being shared across social platforms.  With all the sharing and engagement going on, the next logical step is to get … Continue reading

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CRM Confusion: The Double Definition of CRM

The acronym CRM is increasingly becoming a household name or at the very least a well-known business term. But what exactly is CRM these days? To most, CRM has the fairly straight-forward definition it started with: Customer Relationship Management – … Continue reading

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Breaking down CRM options for Associations

The Pros and Cons of moving to CRM at your Association Lots of talk about CRM these days – more so than ever it seems. How can associations leverage CRM? Where does an association start? What are the options out … Continue reading

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Discussing xRM, Legos, Restaurants on Rothman Tech-Tips

I was recently the Tech-Tip guest on Rothman Tech-Tips (video blog).  The host was Matthew Rothman.  Matt helps educate clients regarding technology.  He “connects the dots” for the everyday person on enterprise-level and emerging technologies.  Today’s topic was xRM and … Continue reading

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