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What if a Car Could Change its Own Oil? – a Cloud Analogy

Why should companies embrace the cloud?  Here are two quick analogies to help explain the power of the cloud and the easy low maintenance benefits of cloud computing Analogy 1 – The Car that Changed its own Oil:  Do you change the engine oil … Continue reading

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Social Tools Allow You to Know All Your Customers Like Your Best Customers

Add Vital Data to Your Customer Database from Social Networking Sources “What’s the husband’s name again?”, I ask my wife on our way to a dinner party.  “Give me a minute”, she says as she quickly goes to Facebook from … Continue reading

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Ask Why

Why are you shopping for a new system?  Why now? We know these questions are important for an organization to ask their users and leaders.  We have learned that asking the “why” questions often uncover the real business drivers and … Continue reading

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